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About Films 'n Roses. 

What defines us as a company?

We have Vision, Passion, Experience.

We enjoy teamwork and working with the best in the market.

Taking difficulties and unexpected problems as a challenge is a culture.

We respect our clients and we do our best to achieve the impossible.

Less talk and more work. Excellent results and happy clients.

We are creating a blooming idea.

What services do we offer?

We produce feature films, documentaries, videoclips, short films, video art projects.

We provide full, pre-production, production and post-production services at the most competitive cost.

We also collaborate with the best specialists to cover any need of special requirements.

We are based in Athens, Greece, the rising hub for movie production, but we undertake productions all over Greece.

We also work with a network of partners globally.


Our Team

Vicky Merkati


Films 'n Roses was created by Vicky Merkati, a highly experienced producer who works in the film industry for more than 20 years.
For many years Vicky worked as a TV producer and then as Creative Director mainly for Greek advertising agencies.
She then established herself as a free lancer producer and event organizer while for the last five years she has permanent collaboration with Bollywood production companies among her other various clients.

Christos Fotiou


Christos Fotiou

Christos Fotiou is the key production person with several years experience in the film industry. His organisational skills top those of the Swiss Army Knife! Christos is a hard working guy who never loses his smile.

Alexander Sikalias


Sikalias Alexander1.jpg

Alexander Sikalias studied Film Direction and Production in Athens, Greece. He has participated in various Greek and foreign productions including feature films, documentary series for BBC and National Greek TV, TV Commercials and various Video-art performances and independent projects. Alexander is now working on his third short-film project along with his first feature film Swell, which was nominated for best feature film script in 2020.

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